With Kirk Wipper
Kirk Wipper founder of the Canadian Canoe Museum with Mino Dodem.
With Don Kelly
Marcel Labelle is seen here on the right, with one of the canoes he made in the background, appearing in a segment of APTN’s "Fish Out of Water" with comedian and host Don Kelly(centre).
Marcel On Breakfast TV
Here he demonstrates his piece of art to Breakfast TV host Jen Valentine at the Canadian Aboriginal Festival at Rogers Centre.
Canadian Aboriginal Festival
Mino Dodem at the Canadian Aboriginal Festival-2008
Marcel at Parliamentary Restuarant
Marcel at the Parliamentary Restaurant during the Outdoors Caucus Breakfast Meeting. Guest Speaker Shane Mahoney and Marcel are agreeing that the original people of this land did practise sustainable use of wildlife. February 2009
Seven Teachings Symposium
Seven Teachings Symposium
Marcel Labelle
Box 178 Arthur, Ontario